Monday, January 31, 2011

The Maximus Poems: a marathon reading presented by Spare Room

These pictures are out of order.
The first one is of the last day of The Maximus marathon, at YU, and was taken by Chris Ashby. As you can see, we ran out of wine.

The next two, of Alicia Cohen and Sam Lohmann, followed by Jennifer Bartlett and Jaye Harris, both taken by Paul Maziar at Gallery HOMELAND, day two.

This next-to-last one is me looking smug, day one. What can I say, it was the beginning of the great event, and somehow someone also managed to bring my favorite beer, HUB 7-Grain Stout, in a keg. The last two also taken by Paul Maziar at Switchyard Studios, he also being the host of that day's reading.

I cannot express enough what a great pleasure it was for me and I think the many poets, projectivists and olsonians involved. Thanks to eveeryone who came and to all who participated.