Monday, May 23, 2011

c_L chapbooks available in 2011

c_L has released it's second chapbook!

Lines on Canvas or What I Know or Have Seen of His Life
by Sam Lohmann

Lohmann's Lines on Canvas are a collection of lines drawn to the end of breath. From the referential object found by Sam in his exploration of the landscape, this time from the vantage of the idea of the painter. Each line is drawn from a singularity in text to its possible extent in the world, as Sam has culled it from one biographer looking at an other. That other being the painter C├ęzanne, from the eye and mouth of his friend Joachim Gasquet.

From the overbearing sky
He produced atrocious studies
In the attic a canvas of holes

This chapbook is an excerpt from a full-length work that should appear later in the year. Lines on Canvas is available from the publisher for $8 domestic mail.
Send a check or well-concealed cash to

James Yeary
2947 E. Burnside
Portland, OR 97214

Phoebe Wayne's Lovejoy is still available.
c_L's first publication, Lovejoy's several narrative threads each take a different perspective on the construction, presence and decay of Portland's Lovvejoy columns, a series of "outsider" architecture that have been disappeared from the Portland cityscape since the WPA projects of the 1950s that helped bring them into the world.

Both chapbooks feature letterpress printed covers and hand-sewn binding.
Lovejoy is available for $6 domestic mail.

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