Sunday, March 7, 2010

M ENTAL TEKST by Jim McCrary

Hmmm. Poetry of Critique. & closes the integral: speech=music. But in a Dee Dee Ramone kind of fashion. Great Surrealist opener:

When the madwomen come dancing out of the tree above

last nights dinner wine jumps back and covers the floor

with unbearable rants of bottom man fish oracles that you

My dinner will die laughing from ingesting these brightest

Which is I think Jim giving the jab. I like the jab. He continues:

statements coming across universal and universes which are

beyond even your wide minded brothers and sisters in our
loving state of compress.

If you think this matters. That matters.
The last line the morphing chorus

Matter matter matter matter. Not
Jim hints at an interest in vispo, as I mentioned in an ancient post, as

the participants and commanders who seem to spend

countless hours scouring all letters in both known and
unknown alphabets just trying to find something to say.

Like any of this matter. Matters.

A question of the music from the back of the head. Jimmy (that's me,) likey.

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richard lopez said...

me likey too.

and likey your books much.

thanks for sending them.